Joe Satriani Signature (modified) Ibanez guitar

Shecter HellRaiser II Diamond Series guitar

Custom ArtCore Semi-hollow body Ibanez

Craig Chaquico custom Keisel thinline stage acoustic

Vintage Fender Telecaster (for recording only)

Cordoba Dolce spanish made classical guitar

8-string Baritone Taylor acoustic guitar

Takemine Acoustic guitar

Yamaha Alto Saxophone with Hercules stand and wireless mic

Vintage Music Man bass guitar (pre-Ernie Ball)




Carvin/Steve Vai Legacy 3 - 100watt amp with 50/15 watt kick down

Two 2x12 Legacy speaker cabs

Custom pedalboard with Cry Baby Wah pedal

Two channel wireless for guitars

Third wireless for saxophone

Peavy 1X12 Studio-Pro (back-up and tour bus amp)




Two 2X15 Electrovoice Tourmaster Speakers

2,000 watt Crown amp

2,000 watt Carvin amp

28 channel board with 8 compressors, Lexicon reverb, Sonic Maximizer,  32-band stereo EQ, DBX 120XP Sub-Harmonic Processor

Two Yamaha 1X15 2-way monitors (including stands)

Two JBL 1X12 2-way monitors

Two front lighting trees

Rear lighting truss for banner/lights

Assorted LED light cans, Moonflowers, Derbys

Smoke machine

DMX light controller




Complete set of spare tubes for Legacy amp

Guitar stands


Lindy Day - A Girl's Best Friends!
Lindy Day - Carvin/Steve Vai Legacy 3 Half-stack System with Lexicon FX
Lindy Day - My BFF - Joe Satriani Signature JS-100 Ibanez guitar - Codename: FEAR
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Lindy Day - Shecter HellRaiser II Diamond Series guitar - Codename: NECTAR
Lindy Day - Custom ArtCore Semi-hollow body Ibanez - Codename: CRAZY OLD MAURICE
Lindy Day - 8-string Baritone Taylor Acoustic guitar
Lindy Day - Takamine Acoustic Guitar
Lindy Day - Yamaha Alto Saxophone - Codename: ELIJAH
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Lindy Day - Better Toys than Boys!