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2019 interview by Woman's Int. Music Network  read here
Lindy accepts invite as head guitar instructor at new School of Rock, Santa Rosa CA
Music from Lindy's band Black Ramen selected for Gears of War 5 (2019)
Lindy performs on NBC with Whispering Light
Lindy and The Killer Queens rock 7,000 at
Comedy Central's "Wayne's World Anniversary"
at ClusterFest San Francisco   more info
Lindy signs selected originals with Music of the Sea (Beyonce', Kool and the Gang, Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson) for film/tv placement!
Lindy's guitar  in upcoming iMAX "In Saturn's Rings"  movie 
New tracks pitched to VH1, BET, MTV, ESPN, FOX Sports, and two reality shows!
Collaboration with Kamileon/Jeremy A. Bryan on "Dawn of Legend" - currently in rotation on ESPN!
 Lindy and The Killer Queens rock 7,000+ at sold-out
"Wayne's World Anniversary" - Comedy Central's ClusterFest, San Francisco 
Lindy Day and Tia Cerrere
Lindy Day and Chris Gethard
The Killer Queens perform "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Yesterday at Comedy Central’s Colossal Clusterfest in San Francisco, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer led a live table read of Wayne’s World in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary.

Jacobson and Glazer played Garth and Wayne, respectively, and were joined Tia Carrere reprising her role as Cassandra, as well as comedians Tig NotaroRon Funches, John Michael Higgins, Moshe Kasher, Janet Varney, and Chris Gethard. Adding to fun, a live soundtrack to the reading was provided by The Killer Queens, an all-female Queen tribute band. 

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Lindy Day, local guitarist who recently signed in Hollywood, will be performing with The Killer Queens all-female Queen tribute band at Comedy Central's "Colossal Cluster Fest" with Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr and more in San Francisco  on June 3rd.


Lindy, as "Brianna May", and The Killer Queens will join “Broad City” stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer with special guests Tia Carrere, Tig Notaro, and more for a 25th anniversary once-in-a-lifetime live reading of the “Wayne’s World” screenplay. The Killer Queens will be performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in it's entirety live on stage as well as Lindy covering select Jimi Hendrix songs.


"This is such an incredible opportunity not only to meet many of my favorite performers,  but to also accomplish something notable for all our friends and supporters in Lake County and at the Lake County Arts Council who believed in me", says Lindy.  "It's been years since the days of playing at Zino's Ristorante and the LCAC yet to this day, I feel the love and support every time I step on stage. I miss Lake County and hope to be back soon".


Lindy Day, and her partner Kevin Village-Stone also recently signed in Hollywood to Music of the Sea founded by Motown's Eddie Caldwell. Along with performing they have both been busy writing and recording music for ESPN, Fox, and for an upcoming iMAX movie.


Article: "5 female guitarists everyone should follow on Instagram" by HHHappy


It’s no revelation that electrifying, badass women have existed in the music world for, well, as long as music and women have co-existed. It’s also no secret that famous female guitarists are few and far between when compared to male counterparts, and since Instagram’s debut and the #RiffWars uprise, the significant herd of men overcrowding the hashtag, and many others, has given this truth a little more depth.

But in amongst the stacks of 15 second riffs and licks being played by admittedly damn gifted males, are a ton of absolutely bangin’ females who play just as, if not, with more passion, intensity, and emotion – proving yet again how great our species of human is. Here are five of them we think everyone should have on their Instagram feed.

Have a passion for a wailing six string, bad ass chicks and filers that magically make everything photogenic? Then follow these 5 female guitarists.

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Guitar, robes, and a stack of saxophone practically sums up multi-talented guitarist Lindy Day’s Instagram. The classic rock aficionado is the lead guitarist for the world’s first all-female Queen tribute band, so one can imagine the vigorous nature of the woman as she plays effortless solos and manages to astound in the mere 15 seconds she’s given. With lusty playing, and some humour thrown in for good measure, this is undeniably an account fit for a #QueenofGuitar

Article: "Lindy Day is breaking the guitarist mold"
by Inspire.Life

"Lindy Day is a female lead guitarist out of California. When she’s not working on her album, she plays gigs as the guitarist of Killer Queens an all female Queen Tribute band. Lindy also does a lot of guest appearances with other classic rock bands.

Her main goal when performing is for people to leave the show in a better place than when they walked in. That’s where her energy comes from when she plays, the audience. Between all her playing she maintains her social media, with over thousands of fans on Instagram. Lindy is working on releasing her first album by 2017 which will feature her guitar skills and for the very first time — her voice."



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Lindy Day  joins 'Queen' tribute band


Calif. – Local female lead guitarist and songwriter Lindy Day has joined The Killer Queens, the world's first all-female Queen tribute band.

Day said she owes a lot to Lake County for starting her West Coast music career.

“I am very excited to play with The Killer Queens and work with such accomplished musicians playing songs that are so iconic,” said Day. “And I'll also remember playing classical guitar for Jan and Zino Mezoui at Zino's, the Lake County Arts Council and KPFZ. Lake County helped me spread my wings.”

Queen, famous for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You,” possesses the world record for the most No. 1 hits by a single band.

“I love Brian May's playing and writing,” said Day. “The challenge for me is in honoring his songs by doing more than playing the right notes and solos. It's about capturing Brian May's heart and spirit.”

The Killer Queens, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be focusing on tightening their new stage show with West Coast performances and domestic tours while preparing for Japan and other overseas tours.

They are the first band in history to perform the opera section of “Bohemian Rhapsody” live in concert.

Currently they are filming all new videos and hit the recording studio next month.

For The Killer Queens' concert schedule and information visit .


"[Lindy] you ROCK!"

Malina Moye - Billboard Top 5 / Guitar World Magazine Top 10 guitarist


“[Lindy Day] has gone deep within the spirit of music and produced a sound that transports the listener to musical vistas that are unique and beautiful. Lindy brings her guitars to life. She expands the soul of this music--a guitar magician. Whispering Light is a rare treat not to be missed.”   - Jon Merriman, Genwa World Wide (Apr 22, 2014)


"Lindy Day transforms her music into poetry that connects with our heart and soul. Her dynamic style and sound generate an interest like no other and will Pique your curiosity. Watch out music world. Here comes Lindy Day". - Eric Devan, Mustang Arts USA, Las Vegas


“Lindy... has exploded on our music scene… world-class music!” - Shelby Posada - Director LCAC, Lake County Arts Council


“very talented ... amazing music"..."...[you] rocked it for sure” - Judges Panel, Rising Stars Competition (Oct 19, 2013)


“As [a] performer, I would describe Lindy with these words; hardworking with an ease in performing, successful in a variety of venues; talented, lively, versatile, unique, personable, and connected to [her] music, [and] the audience.” - Cheri Holden - Main St Association, Testimonials (Aug 13, 2013)


“Far from a cliche' girlie guitarist… glowing musicianship... endearing stage presence...burning passion... you feel the music when she plays.” - WLM, WLM Newsletter (Mar 25, 2014)


“[music is] Sexy and sensual! You guys gotta hear it!” - Voena, Twitter (Mar 01, 2014)


“Great songs!!!” - Smoking Butt Records, Smoking Butt Records (Mar 21, 2014)


“You have knocked it out of the park! I love your sound. I want the CD!” - R. Harper, Testimonials (Mar 03, 2014)